Vivek Shraya


I’m Afraid of Men

Coming Fall 2018

An illustration of a young, smiling, brown-skinned boy with flowers in his hair, against a colourful starry background. Text: THE BOY & THE BINDI; Written by VIVEK SHRAYA; Illustrated by Rajni Perera.

The Boy & The Bindi


“for anyone who has lost / a friend / from saying the word / race”

even this page is white


A waist-up photo of brown-skinned person in a checkered button-up shirt standing behind a microphone, reading from papers in her hand. An indistinct illustration is projected on the wall behind her.

Other writing

Updated 15 May 2017

A purple cover with stylized pink lettering: “The Magnificent Malls of Edmonton.”

The Magnificent Malls of Edmonton


An illustration of seven stylized arms in green and black on a white background, radiating from the centre of the image, overlaid with fuschia text: SHE OF THE MOUNTAINS. VIVEK SHRAYA.

She of the Mountains


An illustration of a pair of scissors with brightly-coloured handles descending into a flurry of black locks, with the text “GOD LOVES HAIR: Stories by Vivek Shraya. Artwork by Juliana Neufeld.”

God Loves Hair

Released 29 April 2010 (self-published edition)
Re-released 8 April 2014

A solid yellow book cover with bold black text: “What I LOVE about being QUEER.”

What I LOVE about being QUEER