Vivek Shraya


Part-Time Woman


An illustration in bright pink on a black background of eight entangled arms with outstretched hands, and pink text: WHEN DID YOU STOP HAVING MY BACK?

When Did You Stop Having My Back?


A B&W photo of a brown-skinned femme in her mid-30s standing in front of a black background wearing a plain black sweatshirt and lacy white skirt, overlaid with white handwritten text: "Girl It's Your Time".

Girl It’s Your Time





Artwork: “Broke Lakshmi” by Rajni Perera

All of the Lights: A Diwali/Christmas EP


A 1990s-style illustration of (clockwise from top left) Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men, Brandy, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, TLC, Tevin Campbell, Mary J. Blige, and Madonna, with Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds at the centre, and colourful handwritten text: “Breathe Again: A Tribute to Babyface”.

Breathe Again: A Tribute to Babyface


A photo of downtown Toronto from above, fading into smog at the horizon, with large white text filling most of the frame: I COULD BE GOOD FOR YOU.

I Could Be Good for You


A grainy blue-tinged photo of a person with short-cropped hair silhouetted against a lake, looking over her shoulder into the camera.



An illustration of a young brown-skinned child with eyes closed and hands clasped in front of their face in prayer.

Bhajans for Mom


Bold red text on a plain white background: LOVE WRONG EP. VIVEK SHRAYA.

Love Wrong EP


A black-and-white photo of various keys under bold white text: KEYS & MACHINES. VIVEK SHRAYA.

Keys & Machines


A brown-skinned person against a white background, listening to a tin-can telephone. The “cord” from the can turns into scribbled letters against a wash of blue and purple paint: “Vivek Shraya. If We’re Not Talking.”

If We’re Not Talking


A seated person looking back over their shoulder. The only colour is the bright red stripes of their shirt; the rest of the photo is high-contrast black-and-white, and cropped just above their mouth. White text with red accent: “Vivek Shraya. A Composite of Straight Lines.”

A Composite of Straight Lines


A brown-skinned person in their early 20s with messy blonde hair, wearing jeans and a tank top, seated facing the camera with their hands resting between their thighs. Black text over their left shoulder: VIVEK SHRAYA. SAMSARA: THE SKETCHES.

Samsara: The Sketches


A head-and-shoulders photo of a brown-skinned person in their early 20s with blonde hair, wearing a green tank top against a blue background; their head is tilted back and their eyes are in shadow. White text across the centreline of the photo: VIVEK SHRAYA. THROAT.


Released 2002/2003

A person standing silhouetted in green light behind a microphone, holding an acoustic guitar.

Cover songs