Vivek Shraya

A grainy blue-tinged photo of a person with short-cropped hair silhouetted against a lake, looking over her shoulder into the camera.


January 16, 2011: The darkness hasn’t fully passed. And that’s ok for now. I will write a song about it, all of it. Every pull, every ache, I will work it out through lyric and melody until there is light again. Music might save me.

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  1. Discerning
  2. 1:1
  3. I Want You
  4. A Grand Gesture
  5. Worst of Me
  6. Crisis
  • All songs by Vivek Shraya
  • Produced & performed by Vivek Shraya & Meghan Toohey
  • Mixed by Meghan Toohey
  • Mastered by Hans DeKline
  • Released




Discerning (Teaser)

Crisis (live)

A Grand Gesture (live)

1:1 (live)