Vivek Shraya

A B&W photo of a brown-skinned femme in her mid-30s standing in front of a black background wearing a plain black sweatshirt and lacy white skirt, overlaid with white handwritten text: "Girl It's Your Time".

Girl It’s Your Time

35 today. New chapter. Using female pronouns. She & Her. Wrote a song.

All proceeds from this single will go to Supporting Our Youth’s Trans_Fusion Crew program—a grass-roots drop-in group in Toronto that works to create social and political spaces that speak to the concerns, struggles, and victories of trans*, 2-spirited, intersex, genderqueer, gender independent, non-binary and questioning people.

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  1. Girl It’s Your Time
  2. A Good Man
  • Lyrics & vocals by Vivek Shraya
  • Produced & mixed by James Bunton
  • Mastered by Heather Kirby
  • Strings on Track 1 by Mika Posen
  • Photo by Alejandro Santiago
  • Artwork by Karen Campos Castillo
  • Makeup by Alanna Chelmick
  • Skirt courtesy of L’uomo Strano
  • Released



Too Attached – Soundcheck at Massey Hall