Vivek Shraya


CBC Arts: “Vivek Shraya’s new film is a courageous and vital portrait of mental health”

For Shraya, a major impetus for creating the film was how exhausted she felt by the expectations of performing “a kind of durability in [her] personal, professional and artistic lives…As an artist, my prolificness is often commented on, through comments like, ‘When do you sleep?’ — and sometimes I want to respond: I make art because it brings me joy, but also, I make art because I am in pain. Making and releasing this film now feels like a relief, to be able to be honest about the ways that my living has often been connected to not wanting to live.”

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posted on 16 February 2017 at 11:18 am

New interview in GUERNICA: “Vivek Shraya: Beyond Margins”


“This is the secret of skin,” transdisciplinary artist Vivek Shraya writes in her poem “four / adulthood.” “Restoration begins with extending and / the end of taking.” Shraya, a Canadian writer and artist working at the nexus of race, colonialism, gender, sexuality, violence, and history, writes in a voice at once tender and ferocious. She is relentless in her confrontation of traditional binaries, and urges us to act likewise. Her work demands that we, as readers and listeners, consider the complex ways identity structures and undergirds our histories, our language, and our capacity to empathize.

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posted on 9 January 2017 at 9:09 am