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New interview w/ Jesse Wente (NOW Magazine) · News

New interview w/ Jesse Wente (NOW Magazine)

posted on 28 August 2018 at 7:25 pm

“I like the idea of weaponizing one’s entitlement for those who don’t have it, but entitlement is often connected to the self. If I feel entitled, it’s often for me, and seldom on behalf of a group of people. And if people with power feel entitled to act or speak on behalf of a marginalized group, perhaps they shouldn’t (there is an important distinction here between using your privilege to amplify or support marginalized voices, and feeling entitled to do so). While privilege is often an advantage that is bestowed, entitlement, however unconscious, is socially and self-constructed. And so, unlike privilege, the work around entitlement should be less about redirecting it and more about destroying it altogether.”

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