Vivek Shraya

The Boy & The Bindi

Hardcover • 32 pages • Released by Arsenal Pulp Press

An illustration of a young, smiling, brown-skinned boy with flowers in his hair, against a colourful starry background. Text: The Boy & The Bindi; Written by Vivek Shraya; Illustrated by Rajni Perera.

The Boy & The Bindi is a playful picture book about a young boy’s fascination with the dot on his mother’s forehead.

Ammi, why do you wear that dot?
What’s so special about that spot?

It’s not a dot, says my Ammi—
It’s not a spot, it’s a bindi!

With his mom’s help, the boy discovers that wearing a bindi allows him to joyfully explore and express his difference—and that even a little “spot” can be meaningful and magical.

Featuring illustrations by Rajni Perera.


  • 2017 South Asia Book Award


— Kirkus Books

“Some of the most lush illustrations I’ve ever seen… the picturebook is sure to delight readers, young and old.”

“Beautiful and inspiring treasure.”

— Resource Links

“A beautiful read and a visual extravaganza.”

“Imparting an important lesson on inclusivity and individuality, this multicultural, intergenerational story of young agency is a timely acquisition for all libraries.”

“…And most precious and rare of all among children’s books, it’s a well told, richly illustrated representation of expansive gender that isn’t white. This matters because, like so much of children’s publishing, books that feature kids exploring gender in non-traditional ways almost always feature white characters.”

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Free Teacher’s Guide

This teacher’s guide is an adaptable resource to support students and teachers as they explore and engage with The Boy & the Bindi. The lessons were piloted with a group of Grade 2 students; however, they can be adapted to suit the learning needs and interest of students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 8.


  • The Boy and the Bindi press photo by Rajni Perera
  • Toronto Star, June 2017