Vivek Shraya

Part-Time Woman

Vivek Shraya & Queer Songbook Orchestra • Digital/12" LP • Released

Part-Time Woman

Part-Time Woman, the new EP by Vivek Shraya & Queer Songbook Orchestra, is a question and a critique:

What defines woman?

A critique of the labour expected in order to be seen and valued as feminine.

For anyone who has been misgendered, made to feel not feminine enough, or struggled to find home in a language that resists complexity.

Longlisted for the 2018 Polaris Music Prize.


  1. Sweetie
  2. I’m Afraid of Men
  3. Part-Time Woman
  4. Hari Nef
  5. Brown Girls
  6. Girl, It’s Your Time
  • Lyrics, songs and vocal arrangements by Vivek Shraya
  • Produced & mixed by James Bunton at The Glen Gordon
  • Mastered by Fedge
  • Engineered by Chris Sandes at Palace Sound
  • Additional engineering by Alex Gable at Union Sound Company and James Bunton at The Glen Gordon
  • Performed by Vivek Shraya (lead vocals) & Queer Songbook Orchestra
  • Additional vocals by TiKA, Sally Zori, Choir! Choir! Choir!, and Suba Sankaran
  • Photograph by Tanja-Tiziana
  • Dress and styling by Mic Carter for L’Uomo Strano
  • Makeup by Alanna Chelmick
  • Hair by Fabio Persico
  • Special thank you to Trisha Yeo, Shemeena Shraya, Adam Holman, Amber Dawn, Farzana Doctor and Shamik Bilgi for their contributions

One of 2017's greatest gifts: the album Part-Time Woman.

‘Unique’ gets thrown around a lot, but Vivek Shraya’s bold, brilliant, new six-song pop-opera, Part-Time Woman, is unlike anything you’ve probably ever heard before.

Vivek Shraya’s new album creates its own space.

A dynamic, textured collaboration… [that] examines the multi-dimensional intersections of personal identities as a queer and trans BIPOC.

Part-Time Woman is packed with feminist power ballads and pop-country hits.

A deep and tender dive into that place of internal struggle and slow metamorphosis—giving lie to the misconception that pop music is necessarily shallow or superficial.

A sharp exploration of femininity, misogyny, and lateral violence.

Few albums can broaden or even upend one's whole world view, but Vivek Shraya's perfect collection, Part-Time Woman, makes it happen in just six songs. Exploring femininity, feminism, race, sisterhood, the male gaze, identity, violence and violence against transgender and racialized bodies in particular, Shraya interrogates what it means — and what it takes — to be a woman in 2017 against a backdrop of sing-along choruses, lush arrangements and evocative, avant-garde pop.

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The making of PART-TIME WOMAN

Part-Time Woman


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  • “Part-Time Woman” credits
  • PTW Launch @ Art Gallery of Ontario (7/7/17)
  • PTW Launch @ Art Gallery of Ontario (7/7/17)
  • PTW Launch @ Art Gallery of Ontario (7/7/17)
  • PTW Launch @ Art Gallery of Ontario (7/7/17)