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Baby, You’re Projecting tee

Baby, You’re Projecting tee

Limited-edition merch for Vivek Shraya’s album Baby, You’re Projecting. More info »


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What I LOVE about being QUEER

A photo mosaic of smiling faces, crossed by a grey banner with bold white text, ‘What I LOVE about being QUEER.’

34 beautiful queers. One big question. More info »

* The “Institutional Use” licence is for organizations like universities and libraries that intend to publicly exhibit the film. The cost includes a flat screening fee and the right to show the film an unlimited number of times. The “Personal Use” licence is for individuals, and grants only the right to screen the film privately.

What I LOVE about being QUEER was created by an independent artist with an independent budget. Production costs for the film are being recouped largely through sale to organizations with funding for such purposes.

Please support self-funded Canadian filmmaking!



A grainy blue-tinged photo of a person with short-cropped hair silhouetted against a lake, looking over her shoulder into the camera.

January 16, 2011: The darkness hasn’t fully passed. And that’s ok for now. I will write a song about it, all of it. Every pull, every ache, I will work it out through lyric and melody until there is light again. Music might save me. More info »