‘VIVEK FOREVER tee’ cover art

2022 marks 20 years since Vivek Shraya launched her artistic career with the independent release of her first album. In the two decades since that release, she has created an internationally acclaimed, constantly evolving and expansive body of work that includes fourteen albums, ten books in eight different genres, six short films screened at festivals around the world, four photo projects exhibited in galleries across North America, and one play.

Given the dual challenges of producing consistently high-quality work in multiple media and navigating a variety of industries as a racialized, queer and trans­feminine artist, this anniversary is a significant milestone, and one to celebrate—with the VIVEK FOREVER tee, featuring a chronology of her varied projects from 2002–2022.

Presented in partnership with Glass Bookshop.

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20 lessons Vivek Shraya has learned in 20 years of making art

  • Designed by Tim Singleton
  • Photography by Brad Proudlove